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Professional Cleaning Service Company

Katy Maid Service professional cleaning service never overlooks a step. Our personal housekeepers clean up each and every space of your residence dependant upon your custom designed maintenance needs.<br> Since our skilled personnel maids undertake the house, each and every living area is sanatized left to right, bottom to top. Starting with cobwebs hiding in hard-to-reach corners and dust that clings on to electric powered fans and light fixtures, our maids work effective and never missing a spot. This kind of reliable technique allows to elminate dust particles and then dirt-debris, making it simpler to clear out in your own home.

The Best Cleaning Company in The Country

Katy Maid Service is truly a certified organization that specializes the required sanitizing task. Ranging from small to big companies our own house cleaning service provider assists you to take care of your home and also propell the company to the future.

Company History

Katy Maid Service, is skilled housekeeping business who has greater than A full decade of craftsmanship and also 2 HUNDRED facilities cleaned up each day. Our awareness of fine points and the quality of personal job engineered us the across the country most popular. Your own personal gratification is paramount to our success!

Our Philosophy

Katy Maid Service has become known as a major supplier of cleaning house services since our team don't use anything but the best exceptional housekeeping men and women. Each time you take on our enterprise, relax guaranteeing that you're going to will receive only the finest, most effective attention.



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